• Automotive 2D

    Automotive 2D

    2D Renderings, Photo-Realistic Editing, Body Kit Design, Digital Artworks, Proposal Renditions, Design Consulting, Design Development, Vinyl Wrap Design.
  • Automotive 3D

    Automotive 3D

    3D CAD Rendering, Body Kit and Wheel Design, Proposal Renditions, Design Consulting, 3D Animation, CAD to CAM Services.
  • Automotive Development

    Automotive R&D

    Research and Development, Conceptual Design, Design Consulting, Form and Surface Development, Sketch ideation, Digital and Color Sketches.
  • Prototyping


    Full-scale, Functional Prototyping Solutions, CAD to CNC Machine Processes, Low Volume Body Kit Production, Fiberglass and Composite Work, Paint and Finish.
  • ML24


    ML24 is a venture into body kits and prototyping. Being an R&D company, ML24 develops designs from sketch into production kits as well as unique one-off project vehicles.
  • Clients


    MatthewLaw.ca Automotive and Aftermarket Design consultancy client list.