Matthew Law specializes in providing custom solutions for clients who want a unique identity. I help clients bring ideas and imagination to reality.


Who is Matthew Law? I'm the owner of an automotive design consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. I have a Bachelor's Degree of Industrial and Transportation Design from Humber College.


My wide range of skills allows me to help both private clients and corporations bring their projects smoothly from research and development to presenting it in the market. I create ideation sketches, 2D photo-realistic renderings and presentations, turn it into 3D CAD data, and produce it into a physical prototype in-house. My expertise is in the automotive aftermarket, primarily with exterior and interior design upgrades. My projects range from digital renderings to virtual animations, from wheel designs to custom coachbuilding projects.


In January 2013 I started ML24, a venture into body kits and prototyping. As an R&D company, it gave me the opportunity to develop my own designs and ideas from sketches into production kits available to any consumer.



I'm also the owner and founder of Ps-Garage (established 2004), a rendering house that provides design and graphic services for the global automotive aftermarket and wheel industry.


In 2016, I launched Balonbay, a local venture that focuses on 3D Laser Scanning, Reverse-Engineering, and 3D Prototyping services, catering primarily to the Greater Toronto Area. We utilize our product design knowledge and state-of-the-art, industrial-grade acquisition tools to provide efficient services with the utmost precision and accuracy.


I’m also an avid photographer. I enjoy nature photography because I like to share fascinating animals and insects I’ve seen or places I’ve been to. To view my photography please visit www.mlawstudio.com.


Please feel free to contact me regarding any projects or services.





Matthew Law